LinkedIn posts scheduling and content creation tool

LinkedIn posts scheduler, with a mobile app to help you note down smart ideas in a quick way, share interesting things you want to write about, assemble a team of editors and just gain crazy more views without any ad spend!

Problems we want to solve

The project started when it became evident that content creation on social media is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Especially if we are talking about a very long-term campaign, it is pretty hard to remember brilliant ideas you have just explained to someone when you get actually ready for post writing.

Forgetting brilliant ideas you can post about

Did ever thought “this is something I could make into a post” and then when you are actually able to post, sit down to compose something great, you have no idea what was that brilliant thing?

Keeping consistent posting and volume

To post frequently in a week is easy. To post for 6 months at the same pace - is not so easy. We strive to make this less stressful and easy for people who want to keep consistent and effective postings.


We are building service as a solution tool where you can sign up, connect your LinkedIn account, download our mobile app and start drafting, planning and automatically posting. And to make it better we are adding a solid layer of analytics so you would know what type of content, tone and jokes makes your audience love you!

Give it a try with BETA access!
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