Quality SEO Monitor & WEB Audit

Automatic SEO Monitor and WEB Audit system that automates your testing of website health and ensures great quality. Don’t miss any failures, halts, speed drops, and errors. If you happen to have a team of developers or content creators and must ensure your website is at its best, this is the right service to choose.

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Quality Assurring

By daily monitoring essential webpages and alerting.

Your Time Saving

By alerting when there's a change in the performance.

Money Saving

By making your developers to do the job in full.

SEO Improving

By keeping healthy website and improving satisfaction.s

Cortip SEO Monitor & WEB Audit

Forget manual Google Page Speed Insights checks or GTMetrix, because this is now done automatically and daily. We send emails if there’s a change in scores or any errors happening. Take action when needed, not just for the sake of checking.

Our SEO Monitor performs Lighthouse checks which essentially is equivalent to Google Page Speed Insights. We run daily checks for your defined pages, check for errors and downtimes, and alert you when your attention is required!

Here's what you need to know about this service

Best way to explain it is by checking key questions our customers ask.


What is SEO Monitor and WEB Audit?

It is a service we provide for you as a business manager who wants to monitor health status of the website. We run extensive tests and checks on your website, test images load time, errors, server response and everything that Google Page Speed Insights would do.


How is this relevant for e-commerce or websites?

It is critical to have top possible performance of the website to be able to expect good SEO positions. We ensure that nothing bad would slip through your eyes. It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO and more.


What do we need to do to get started?

Almost nothing. We need links you want to track and email where we can send reports. That's it.


How much does it cost?

Not too much. €5 per link per month. And we will assess any of your web page's page experience and list valuable tips to improve its performance.


In what form do we get monitoring and audit results?

Email with list of links, result scores, change diff and a link to extensive report file.


What information is provided in the reports?

The website is tested on 5 different points:

  1. SEO
  2. Performance
  3. Progressive Web App
  4. Accessibility
  5. Best Practices

You immediately see the different parts and how you scored for each part on a scale from 0 to 100.

Performance score

The performance audit includes a number of points that are checked. One, for example, is the First Meaningful Paint (FMP) audit, which measures when the visual content of your page is displayed. What exactly is measured here is the time between starting the page load and rendering the visual images. According to Google websites data, very good scoring websites render the FMP in about 1,220 ms. This time therefore corresponds to a score of 99.

Progressive Web App score

A Progressive Web App (or PWA) is a normal website that has the functionalities of an app, which is also available offline. This means that your website can be used as a kind of simplified app (e.g. the Starbucks website lets you order items similarly to their native app). This is an important development nowadays since almost everything happens via mobile devices. So this score measures how well your website works as a simplified mobile app.

Accessibility score

With the Accessibility Score, the different points weigh in different ways (just like with the Performance Score). What is different here, however, is that you only get the points if you have fully satisfied the condition. In the Performance Score, you can get a partial points if you have partially earned it. Here, this is not the case. It is all or nothing. With accessibility, there are very clear conditions that you have to meet, such as: images have an alt-text, the page has an understandable language, elements are clearly structured, etc.

Best Practices score

With the Best Practices Score, various things are tested, such as the use of HTTPS, if users can paste text in the 'password' field, and different technical issues.

These are things that are often used on other websites and that work well. This is the standard for websites nowadays. This score shows you how your website fits into this standard.

SEO score

The SEO score indicates how search engine-friendly your website is and how easily your pages rank within Google (and other search engines).

Is your website mobile-friendly? Is the font size normal? Is a distinction made between the H1 and H2 headlines?

This is mainly about how the page looks, is technically set up, and whether you can score well and can get a high ranking on Google.

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