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How much effort is required from you as a client?

Actually, very little. Basically, there are two main steps you need to take when installing Similar Products:
  • Step 1: You, as a client, should prepare products’ feed in XML, JSON, or CSV formats, which would be accessible via URL.
  • Step 2: You should add our code snippet into your e-shop header.
Everything else is taken care of by us.

Why is this better than an in-house solution?

  • You don’t need to maintain the infrastructure as we do that instead of you;
  • Our tool has an improved version of algorithms for matching the products;
  • We have much more experience from a wide list of clients, so we know what is the best way to use the tool;
  • Simply we have a better know-how as we are developing the product for a long time now;
  • You don’t need to hire a full-time development company and assign internal managers or engineering teams for the task to be completed.

How does the infrastructure of this tool work and is it reliable?

Our infrastructure is deployed on Amazon AWS servers, it’s distributed across the planet, has multiple load balancers for data aggregation and data storage clusters. If you have extremely large traffic we can split your integration and set up a whole new individual infrastructure. In other words, we are able to handle extremely massive loads of traffic and ensure the load time for visitors is equally good whether the traffic comes from South America or Europe, so you shouldn’t have any worries regarding this question. Also, you should have in mind that our team is monitoring status closely and is ready to jump in if needed.

Are there any other useful features you can install or is this it?

There are many features we can install, although it all depends on the individual needs of a case. We can create an interactive and UI-friendly search integration, install various plugins or snippets related to products, search, matching, and the browsing history of your visitors, make even more categories to suggest products by, and much more. We always encourage our potential clients to contact us so we can discuss your needs and help you decide.

What is the price of Similar Products?

Pricing consists of two parts:

  1. One time integration fee;
  2. Monthly subscription fee.

The integration fee depends on the complexity of your design. You can choose our own, slightly adapted template, partially updated template with your brand colors, or fully matching template of your design.

The monthly fee depends on the traffic you’re receiving and on the number of products your shop has. For the exact prices, please contact us individually.

What is the products’ feed?

The products’ feed is a list of products in the shop, reflected whether in XML, CSV, or JSON formats and accessible via URL. We can also use standard Google Shopping Feed. Additionally, you can enhance this feed with any attribute you’d like to have in the algorithm of products matching.

What properties are required in the products’ feed?

Properties that must exist are title, ID, SKU, price, special price, description, photo, category. Additionally, it’s a good idea to add more photos, attributes, colors, weight, type, and other important aspects. Our algorithm will try to use everything that might lead to a better result.

What is the process of Similar Products’ integration?

Basically, there are five following steps:

  1. You send us the products’ feed URL;
  2. We map the data, schedule synchronization;
  3. We make themed design integration of your choice;
  4. We create a test script with a themed visual representation of the results so you can test it;
  5. You add our integration script to the shop.

That’s about it!

Where is the solution hosted?

It is hosted on our servers. We use distributed availability servers to maximize uptime and delivery speed. The European server is in Frankfurt, Germany.

Who takes care of uptime and updates?

Our team takes care of everything, so you don’t need to worry about anything. This is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product after all.

What is the expected uptime of Similar Products?

Guaranteed uptime is 99.9%. We also have multiple features prepared to prevent any inconvenience for your visitors so you can feel cool and relaxed.

Do you need access to our eShop, system or codebase?

No, we don’t. We strongly advise you to not include our integration script to any checkout-related pages as well.

Who can publish Similar Product integration when it’s ready?

We publish it to production and then you add our integration script. After that, it’s live.

Is this the same as related products or up-sell?

We can adjust the script to your desired needs. The tool can either be oriented to listing related products mostly or adapted to suggesting different products that are expected to up-sell. The mix of these is a viable option as well.

My store has a plugin for that, how is this better?

Usually, systems that use MySQL tend to have poor full-text matching algorithms. MySQL isn’t designed for search so it’s not the best in finding relevant products too. Meanwhile, we manually adjust the algorithm to be the most suitable for your products. Some eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, allow you to hand-pick related products, but that is hardly a possible option when a business has thousands of different products. Our AI integrated software performs by itself and lists similar items automatically, so you don’t need to waste any time and human resources.

Our products have many parameters to be matched by. Is this okay or should we choose several particular attributes?

Actually, the more different parameters and attributes your products have, the better it is! Our matching algorithm can include as many separate variables as you want and the accuracy of matching improves proportionally with the number of attributes.

We operate in the fashion industry, so our products are all of nearly identical titles and parameters. How do you handle that?

Our AI-integrated algorithm can identify objects on images and match the products by visual similarities, such as shape or color, so that is not a problem at all.

Does your tool use its’ own design or is it compatible with any interface?

Both options are available as choices. Our tool has its’ own design, but we are always more than happy to adjust the script to your own branded interface. The important part of our service is to make it user-friendly and converting!

Is there a free trial period?

We can integrate data for a small fee and provide a testing-ready script. That doesn’t include design adaptation so it would be very simple and basic and intended to test the functionality only.

Will I be able to cancel the subscription anytime possible?

We never hand-cuff our clients to long-term contracts of any kind, so you will have the ability to cancel the subscription anytime wanted without getting any penalties.

Is this a manual and self-service solution?

No. Similar Products is an enterprise-grade solution where we manually set up visual parts and configure everything personally for your shop, so you don’t need to spend any extra of your time and human resources solving this.

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