Google Advertisements and e-Shop Sync System

import { Adverstorm, Events } from ‘adverstorm’;

// Look at the events library and track ad position change events
  .on(Events.AUCTION_INSIGHTS_POSITION_CHANGE, function (ad) {
    // If your ad gets in a lower position than 2nd
    if (ad.getAuctionInsights().getPosition() < 2) {
      // Add one cent to max ad bid cap
      return AdActionBag().adjustBidCap(0.01);
    // If your ad gets in a higher position than 1st
    else if (ad.getAuctionInsights().getPosition() === 1) {
      // Subtract one cent from max ad bid cap
      return AdActionBag().adjustBidCap(-0.01);
    // If you ad is in the 2nd position
    else {
      // Do nothing because that is what you want
      return null;


Adverstorm is a powerful engine that allows reaching the next level of search advertising. We are super proud of this tool because we had a chance to learn about the internals of the Google Ads system. After working on this project, we have learned what’s under Google’s hood!

Some features & pros this tool has:

  • Fast daily budget corrections. Based on various pre-coded events, such as changes in conversion rates, click-through rates, ads’ position changes as well as differences in the bidding patterns of competitors, you can make corrections on your daily ads budget;
  • Effective spike predictions. Marketing people can make efficient spike predictions based on holidays, weather, pay-day, and other specific purchasing-inducing events that are tracked according to targeted campaigns and locations;
  • Smart keywords management. Allows the system to estimate the value of each keyword and/or combination of keywords. The system also suggests new keywords that customers enter into the Google search field, so you are always able to improve your keywords game;
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) connection. Our system connects to the client’s ERP and allows you to automatically generate and synchronize all ads or keywords as well as set up bidding strategies based on, for example, each product’s profit margin. You have all the freedom of rights to choose how to generate ads in ad groups and campaigns depending on your products and offers. This drastically reduces the demand of time and human resources required to create ads and write up products’ keywords, meaning that you also save a lot of money;
  • Event library & tracking. Almost all of the measurable events that can happen in the Google Ads engine are pre-coded, meaning that you no longer have to look and track for changes in the dashboard, but rather pre-decide on your actions when some of the events occur. Those actions will be executed automatically every time for every ad. This significantly reduces the need for marketing management personnel;
  • Staying up to date with competitors. All companies have marketing rules and strategies, also known as their “secret recipes”. This tool provides a client the ability to encode their strategies into the system, which will then track the events and react based on how the market and competitors behave.