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Model Cat was created in order to deal with the demand for photo models and the lack of human resources.

Vygandas Pliasas
by Vygandas Pliasas, 2 years ago, November 22nd, 2021
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Model Cat was created in order to deal with the demand for photo models and the lack of human resources.

Some features & advantages the platform has:

  • Cross-functional operation. The platform operates as a model application landing page, marketing platform, resource management tool, model search engine, and so on, meaning that it is a great solution for several or even more problems;
  • Tested and used by many famous brands. It was used by world-known brands like Vogue Dubai, Elle London, Supermodels Model Management, and others;
  • Acts as a social networking platform. Using this platform models, photographers, and some other specialists from related fields can register, sign up, find new friends, post their photos, take part in different modeling competitions, and so on.

Platform used to collect applications of talents
Platform used to collect applications of talents

Original, first version of the project
Original, first version of the project

Model Management connects new faces and models with scouts, international modeling agencies and model photographers.

Page was aimed to motivate people who were hesitating
Page was aimed to motivate people who were hesitating

Model Management interesting facts

Did you know that the world's largest population of models are currently located in Asia, with an estimated amount reaching 15,000? However, this number is quite low compared to other regions. According to statistics from 2016 by the International Federation of Models (IFM), only around 0.2% of Asian people become models whereas almost 1% of European and North American citizens were involved in modeling. There could be several reasons behind it including cultural differences or lack of agencies to support them.

In recent years, the growth of technology has greatly affected our lives in many fields. The world of entertainment is also one that is always under the innovation and development of technological ideas. In particular, the model industry is a fast-growing business because it is very easy for young people to enter this field only with their own beauty and do not need any partnerships or agents. But even so in most cases models often face a serious problem when they are in trouble with clients in terms of requests - lack of

As the industry relies more and more on technology, it has become necessary to have a model management platform that can maintain all of the information relating to models for an agency.

As the world’s first free model platform, Model Cat serves as a reliable source of photo models for both professional and amateur photographers worldwide. Every day it provides more than 2,000 photos to our customers across the world. As you already know, many companies are very difficult to attract models for photo shootings.

There are plenty of websites that use models to advertise well-known brands. These days, this is the easiest and most effective way to promote products online. However, not everyone can afford professional photo models. Most agencies only offer luxury services for VIP customers at outrageous prices. Our mission is to create an easy-to-use platform that will allow anyone to become a model or find them quickly and conveniently! This is an open list of high-quality photo models that are available at any time for professional photographers. We also organize various events in our ModelCat Club to help build good relationships between the model and the photographer community.

It is impossible to find a model for your photo shoot in the nearest city. It happens that professional photographers who travel around the world looking for beautiful places, amazing shootings and romantic scenery can not find models with an ideal appearance at the place they came to.

As the global trends in modeling show, people’s desire to be photographed on a regular basis is growing. The amount of time they spend on social networks and forums may vary from country to country but one thing remains unchanged: their number is steadily growing. People who are fond of taking pictures make up a large percentage here. So if you think there has been an increase in demand for photo models over the last few years, then your thoughts aren’t far from reality at all.

The popularity of the Internet is growing by leaps and bounds, along with it an enormous amount of information that is gathered in its databases. Most of this content are images, photos, graphics. So why not to look there for a source for new online models?

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