Modern and Innovative Hiring Tool

Twilio Video


Recruiting new people was always a boring, inefficient, and tedious activity. Most employers are tired of unnecessary job interviews or time and money-consuming assessment centers. Because of that reason, we have created a recruiting software that allows the employer to shorten and simplify this task as much as possible. Thanks to Rescouted, managers are able to invite only the top candidates and completely say goodbye to time-consuming recruiting activities.

Here are some advantages of this tool we created:

  • Efficient pre-screening with automated video interviews. This allows pre-recording the questions for the interview before you even make a call. Not only it saves time but lets the manager plan his agenda according to his needs;
  • Screening time. Pre-recorded interviews are way more efficient as the employer is able to survey significantly more applicants in less time;
  • Better decisions. Having the ability to hear and analyze the language and culture of the candidate more than once as well as in a calm environment provides a better chance to make the right decisions early and skip to better candidates;
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration. As the name of the system implies, an ATS tracks candidates through the hiring process. It significantly reduces time-to-fill and speeds up the management process;
  • Flexibility to use any device. The video interview can be conducted via smartphone or any type of computer as well as via app or a browser, so it is a flexible tool to use;
  • Efficient team recruiting. A possible and comfortable option is to review the candidates together in a team and make the right decisions even quicker;
  • Highest data security. All interviews are processed GDPR compliant and with respect to the ISO standards, so there is no worry for any data privacy-related problems.