Similar Products Lift for Elevita

ClientElevita, UAB

Similar Products for Elevita

We have invented our own tool that is able to detect what products are most similar to a given one. Cosmetics retailer Elevita has asked us to install this tool for their own e-shop, so we did that. This resulted in significantly boosted conversions because visitors were able to find more attractive products for the better prices or features they prefer to choose. This also reduced marketing costs for sale price because of increased conversions altogether.

Some pros this engine has:

  • Both sales and client-oriented tool. Our made engine might seem as it’s oriented only towards sales, but it actually provides the clients a better experience surfing the website. Clients are able to find way more different products by inserting whatever keywords into the search engine;
  • Different categories to search by. Every result of any search operation the client does through the search engine by entering any keywords is filtered through different categories for products, so finding any specific product in the Elevita e-shop was never as easy as it is now. The products consisting of an entered keyword can be filtered through many different categories, e. g. price, manufacturer, and so on;
  • Significant and obvious boost of sales. Implementing this engine to the case of Elevita was a great test the engine has obviously passed. The sales were significantly boosted and our clients were happy to see these results.