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Content as a whole is considered to be a block of whatever textual or visual information posted on a website or social media network. Even though it might look like content production is simply just a process of designing a good-looking visual or writing a simple and grammatically correct piece of text, however, it is a bit more complicated than that.

Content production and copywriting are often in short referred to as content marketing. Most of the content that is on the Internet, especially on social media, must have its purpose, otherwise, it has no point. Because of that reason, it is not enough to make your designs look good or articles be grammatically correct. A content manager has to be able to make his content proactively sell, educate, or entertain, depending on the business purpose. To do that, visuals and texts have to be eye-appealing, attractive, trendy, have the right keywords, and so on.

Simply put, content production and copywriting (or content marketing) is a branch of digital marketing that involves producing both visual and textual content for an online audience through social media, websites, e-commerce shops, and others. There are many tips you have to keep in mind when producing content, but probably the most important one is it has to resonate with your target audience. Every industry has its own aspects, meaning that there is no universal way to produce every piece of content.

Content marketing can also have numerous different goals. Some of them might be expanding the customer base, increasing online sales, generating leads, increasing user engagement, and so on. Before producing any type of content, it is a must to discuss and develop a strong content marketing strategy with a clear goal or two.

We have worked with clients from more than 15 different industries and very diverse content marketing strategy goals, so if you are a business owner from a very niche market, we are sure that we are the best option. Feel free to contact us if needed any content production or copywriting services.

Why Content Marketing?

  • Better High Ranking Possibilities on Search Engines
  • Long-Lasting Traffic Drive
  • Content Builds Your Brand
  • Trust Building Possibilities Through Content Production

Why Us?

Creative Content

There is a common problem with content production that it’s often dull, boring, and way too conservative. Some industries unconditionally require your content to be as crazy as the human mind can carry it out. We have experience working in numerous different industries, so we are used to producing really crazy ideas.

Analysis-Based Strategies

Every business has a unique mission to perceive and goals to reach. Some are more profit-oriented, the others strive for entertaining and educative purposes. Setting up a strong content marketing strategy requires not only discussing your goals and aspirations but also carefully analyzing the market.

What kind of content can you create for my business?

Content production and copywriting is one of those fields we have the most experience in. That is why we can produce pretty much any type of content your business might need. Moreover, if you are not sure what content would fit your business goals the best, we can make the decision for you based on our long-time experience, so you have no worries and concerns about overthinking if the decision was right. Some examples of content we can create:

  • Any type of written content your website or e-shop might need (blog articles; product descriptions; different sections, e.g. About Us, Contact Us, etc.);
  • Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest sales-oriented or entertaining/educating posts);
  • Authentic and natural photos or videos (product and service photos; blog photos and thumbnails; promotional and sales photos or videos; introduction videos; social media photos or videos; website and e-shop section photos or videos);
  • Hero content (interactives; quizzes; infographics; etc.);
  • Branding designs (posting templates; logos; covers; presentation slides; etc.);
  • Email marketing content (both visual and textual);
  • Physical designs (posters; flyers; different display stand layouts; etc.).

These are only some content examples that crossed our minds the first, but we can do way more than that! If you have any ideas that are not listed here, don’t be afraid to hit us up. We are always open to creative ideas and new ways of communicating in digital.

What are the prices for content production and copywriting services?

Content production and copywriting services include an especially wide specter of possible visual and textual pieces of information. The prices for different content production depends on hours needed to create that specific piece of content as well as some aspects of an individual situation of a business, e.g. industry the business operates in or goals it has. Some pieces of content can be created in an hour or two and will cost from 50 to 100 USD. However, there are also pieces of content that rely more on the aspect of creativeness, ideas, and discussions within the content management team. This kind of content production might require weeks or even months to be produced in a high-quality manner and usually are series of content pieces for branding purposes that might cost from 2000 to 3000 USD. As with most of our services, the best way to find out an exact price for your individual case would be to simply reach out to us, so we can analyze the exact case and provide you with an offer.

How will you measure the success of your produced content?

Every service we offer is measured by some kind of indicators that are widely used in the industry of marketing. For estimating the effectiveness of our produced content we use such measures as engagement on social media networks, traffic on website or e-shop, average time spent on the page, app downloads, user sign-ups, and many more. Most if not all decisions we make are data-based, so our results are always measured. There is no choice here, because professional marketing is mostly based on statistics and numbers, so you shouldn’t have any worries or concerns.

How long does it take to notice the content marketing strategy paying off?

The exact amount of time depends on an individual case of business and various circumstances within it and outside in the industry, but usually, if the industry is not too competitive, it should take around 6 to 9 months to notice the first tangible results. Various data and researches show that content marketing is definitely one of the most efficient and best methods to go for as it outperforms traditional advertising and paid search. However, it takes time for it to work and you definitely need the patience to see the first real results.

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