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Many businesses blindly believe that marketing campaigns are the ones that determine the fate of sale success the most. While it is somewhat an accurate insight, that can also be only one part of the whole picture. There are many cases when marketing campaigns deliver above-average traffic improvement results, but the conversion rate stays the same or improves only a little. In other words, there might be many people visiting the website, but, because of some particular user-experience-related reasons, the same visitors might not perform an action the website is intended to prompt. Most of the time this problem is solvable by eliminating very specific negative factors that exist in the website. This process of eliminating very specific negative factors existing in the website is often referred to as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Conversion rate optimization (or CRO) is a well-planned and systematic process of raising the percentage of website visitors that perform some kind of CTA (call-to-action) invoked activity, let it be subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product or service, filling out a form or survey, sharing the content on social media, or other. A well-organized and thoughtful CRO process is a must for it to succeed. That’s why it should be based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis rather than on intuition, some hunch forms, gut feelings, or even the trends of your market.

The best part of CRO process is that it’s mostly based on facts and metadata of an individual case, so there is little to no space for doubts or negative outcomes if it’s done in the right way. According to the long-term experience we accumulated throughout the years, 8 out of 10 CRO cases are solved by removing obvious bugs that stop your visitors from performing the desired action. However, there are also 20% of cases when the website operates perfectly fine, but the visitors are still not converting. In such cases, we are forced to dig deeper but that is also not a big deal for us, as we are used to going an extra mile in the favor of our clients.

Measuring conversion rate is one of the best ways to indicate the success of your business. We already explained the meaning of the term ‘conversion’ in the field of marketing, however, you should also know that conversions are divided into micro & macro levels. Micro-conversions are ones that happen before the macro-conversions and are usually considered to be smaller. It is normally such actions as subscribing to the newsletter, creating an account, or adding a product to the shopping cart. Meanwhile, macro-conversions are regularly more related to direct sales and considered to be such actions as purchasing a product or service, filling up contacting form, or subscribing to either a service or product. Both micro and macro conversions should be an essential part of every successful business.

Conversion rate optimization acts as a safeguard against any possible money waste during marketing campaigns. We make sure that your website operates in a perfect manner and converts as good as it possibly can. Don’t hesitate to reach us out for a free consultation on conversion rate optimization or other services interested.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization?

  • Provides You the Opportunity to Know Your Audience Better
  • Makes Your Marketing Campaigns Cheaper
  • Easy to Measure
  • Long-Term Outcome

Why Us?

An “Extra-Mile” Approach

A successful conversion rate optimization process requires comprehensive and thorough decisions. With every service we provide, going an extra mile is the motto we unconditionally follow, especially when it comes down to conversion rate optimization, as it requires a special level of diligence.

Data-Driven Decisions

Conversion rate optimization can either be done based on intuition and gut feelings or analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. It is probably already obvious which option is a better one. Our decisions are always data-driven with a drop of unique and creative approaches to your conversion rate problems.

What do conversion rate optimization services include?

There are many tools and ways of using them when working on conversion rate optimization. Some of the tools we use are Google Analytics, Mouseflow, Hotjar, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel. Ordering conversion rate optimization services bring you the proper installation and optimization of these tools based on your individual case. Moreover, if your case requires, we are able to implement some other tool options as well. Ordering the service also ensures some lessons to your personnel on how to use these tools properly. Last, but not least, we always take care of every niche and small thing your website consists of, so you can feel safe and calm while we work on your case.

What is the price for conversion rate optimization services?

Conversion rate optimization services totally depend on the individual case of the client, so estimating some kind of a price is nearly impossible. Usually, we charge for singular tasks that make up the big goal of conversion rate optimization. The rarer the task and the more time the problem needs to be resolved, the higher the price it is. Before actually doing any work we always analyze the case, highlight the weak points and bugs, and assess the price for every single task, so you are able to plan the budget and choose the priority tasks according to that and other reasons. The best way to find out the exact price for your case would be to contact us and book yourself a free consultation with our CRO expert. Also, we are able to prepare an analysis of your website and its’ weak points, bugs, and correctable aspects for a starting price of €200. This is a good option if you are just interested in finding out the weaknesses of your website and want to work on them by yourself or another team.

How is the conversion rate calculated and what is considered to be a 'good' conversion rate?

There are a few ways to calculate conversion rate and it depends on the type of your website when choosing which way to apply. For example, if we choose to calculate conversion rate by the number of sessions when a user can convert each time they visit the website, then we simply divide the total number of unique orders by the total number of sessions and multiply the divided number by 100. Whatever you get is the conversion rate your business has. Another possible alternative of calculating the conversion rate if the user can convert only once no matter the number of times he visits the website is to divide the total number of unique orders by the total number of unique users as well as multiply the divided number by 100 and whatever you have been left with is the conversion rate for such type of business. Usually, the first type of conversion rate calculation is used among the owners of e-shops while the second one is used between the businesses that, for example, sell various types of subscriptions. An average conversion rate considered to be good depends on the industry your business operates in, but it’s somewhere between 2 to 6% with everything above that being the top 10% in the world. However, you should keep in mind that this indicator is not the only one that describes how successful your business is and sometimes having a lower conversion rate is even a better option for the progress and well-being of your business.

What are the main factors that have an impact on the conversion rate?

Obviously, there are many different large and small key factors that decide your conversion rate on the website. However, there are 6 main factors that are considered to be the most important ones. These are the following:

  • The loading speed of the website. The numbers speak for themselves – more than half of Internet users will not wait for the page to load if it takes more than 3 seconds to do that. And how will your visitors convert if every step of the funnel leading to the sale will take more than 3 seconds? Yes, the answer is simple – they won’t.
  • The value business provides and an ability to communicate that out. The base of conversion rate is definitely the value your business provides. The pros of a product or service you offer have to outweigh the cons and the cost of it. Otherwise, the visitors will not convert no matter how good your website looks and operates. Once you are sure that your business has a solid value proposition, then you need to make sure you communicate the idea well as it is also an often occurring problem among the businesses.
  • Simply accessible and relevant content. Both visual and textual information on your website has to be significant to what your visitors are searching for. That’s why it is really important to understand your audience and the keywords they use to find you on the Internet, so you are able to place the key content in front of the eyes of your visitors. Also, it has to be easily accessible.
  • The sales funnel and the distraction. A common mistake that businesses do when developing their websites is they unintentionally make their visitors distracted by having too many irrelevant and unnecessary steps leading to the sale. It is really important to have your sales funnel consist of as few steps as possible to prevent your audience from being distracted. Also, make sure your home page has only the most important information on it.
  • The urgency you are able to create. The data of various e-commerce shops as well as our own experience show that creating urgency makes the visitors convert here and now. That’s why it’s important for your business to create some form of urgency. One way of doing that is to make your offers limited time.
  • Safe and credible brand. Different researches show that potential customers feel some level of anxiety before converting. To prevent that as much as it’s viable, your brand needs to be credible and the website needs to be self-disseminating the feeling of security. Although one option to achieve that would be to pursue brand-building for years, however, that is not the only case. Simply keeping the consistency of your work, showcasing the portfolio, and just staying honest is enough to make your brand look credible enough. Oh, and don’t forget to take care of your website as well as social media, so it looks professional and safe.

There are definitely more aspects that influence the conversion rate of your audience, but these are the most important ones. If you have more questions on that, you are always welcome to reach us out at or filling up the contact form below.

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