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Marketing has evolved enormously if we dive into the last 100 years’ perspective of it. Starting from the written advertisements on selling goods of nature or printed ads on newspapers and educational type of journals in the 1900s to professionally designed, color-printed, and eye-catching promotional posters as well as radio, television, Google, social media, and other digital network advertisements in the 21st century. Although the means and ways of promoting products, services, or ideas seem to have changed, however, the main objective of marketing has stayed the same – to attract the most attention in as little time and effort as possible while using the attention gathered to reach a goal defined, e.g. increasing sales.

With social media having nearly two-thirds of the world’s total population as users that most of it consume the content of digital networks for more than 2 hours per day, it is a no-brainer to ignore an opportunity of reaching out to a 5 billion people audience. 9 out of 10 businesses today use social media to sell their products or services and that is only one of many reasons for your business to be on social media as well. Even though the competition might seem very high and sometimes even insurmountable at first, there is always some narrow space for your business to stand out by unique and crazy ways of advertising the products and services you offer or having the highest marketing budget between your competitors in the market.

It is probably already obvious that having a page on social media is no longer enough, as digital networks became a very crowded area with countless businesses on it. Even posting regular quality content in both visual and textual format or engaging with your audience in different ways is not enough if you seek the most value social media can provide. Reaching out to new clients and tremendously increasing sales requires digital marketing campaigns that would target the audience most likely to buy the product(s) or service(s) you offer.

Setting up digital marketing campaigns might seem complicating, as it needs to target the right audience by age, gender, location, behaviors, interests, and many other factors. Luckily for you, we have years of experience doing just that. Before starting any work, we will define the goals you have, so we are sure that both sides are on the same page. After that, we usually perform an analysis of your brand that lets us define your target audience. Based on the data of performed analysis, we create different marketing campaigns and present them to you. If everything’s fine, we proceed to the phase of testing our campaigns out. Usually, it takes at least a week or two to come up with the first conclusions. After seeing the first results we are able to redefine the campaigns, so it leads the right way.

Although you might get an impression advertising campaigns are the most powerful tool to the success of your business, however, it is often a combination of numerous smoothly operating and well-established mechanisms that lead to success. In other words, digital ads will rather be a waste of money than a great tool if your website is poorly designed, has not enough content, the images of products are of low quality, the content is not optimized for search engines, the website is operating slowly, and so on. That’s why before setting up any digital marketing campaigns we always recommend our clients ordering the CRO and Consulting service we offer.

If you have any questions regarding online marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Let us know the details of your situation and we’ll provide you with candid recommendations and the best possible options for digital marketing services.

Why Social Media Marketing?

  • Least Expensive Digital Marketing Tool
  • Easy to Measure ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Broad Audience Targeting Options
  • Can Be Oriented Both Long and Short Term

Why Us?

Data-Based Campaigns

Marketing is mostly about numbers and measurements, experts agree. That’s why our digital marketing campaigns are always driven and measured by data collected. Combined with the aspect of creativity, we produce the most creative and unique campaigns that also deliver great results.

In-Depth Analysis

Social media marketing campaigns do not work on an individual level. There are many variables that determine the outcome of a campaign, such as the quality of your website. That’s why we never force spitting out careless campaigns and instead perform an in-depth analysis of your situation before planning any ads.

What does digital marketing and advertising services include?

The term ‘digital marketing’ can mean a very broad spectrum of different online needs, so we understand it might get confusing. Social media management, content production, search engine optimization, email marketing, regular blog article uploads, website or e-shop optimization, Facebook & Google Ads, and much more can be included when talking about digital marketing. For you to be clear, we divided all of these digital needs into separate services you can find on our website. When it comes to the service of digital marketing and advertising, we mostly have in mind social media marketing that includes listed below:

  • Google Ads;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Instagram Ads;
  • Remarketing (behavioral retargeting) campaigns;
  • Product list integration with social media ads;
  • Advertising copy (in other words, written content of ads that sells);
  • Advertising design (in other words, visual content of ads that sells).

How much does it cost to order social media marketing services at Cortip?

Usually, the prices depend on individual needs and specialties the case has. For example, sometimes the client does not have high-quality product photos that are needed to create ads on social media. In such a case, the price for social media marketing services is higher, as we need to produce visual designs or take high-quality photos to create the ads ordered. However, if the client has it all sorted out, the price is equal to 15% of the agreed campaign budget + a fixed price of €150 + VAT per month. Any other additional services, such as producing visual designs or taking product photos, are treated as extra services and charged separately. To find out the exact price for your individual case, we recommend you get in touch with us by briefly explaining your needs and the situation of the business.

How long does it take for the first results to appear? Am I obliged to go for a long-term contract when ordering your services?

Every social media ad campaign requires a testing period to see if it’s delivering the results expected. Most of the times marketing campaigns require some editing to be done after the testing period is over. It’s recommended to run ads for at least 3 to 5 days before doing any edits. However, there is usually more than 1 testing period following one after another. Social media marketing is all about experimenting and collecting data, so number-proven decisions can be made later on when setting up future campaigns. However, we never handcuff our clients to any long-term contracts, although we are always more than happy to have long-lasting commitments with our clients. While we, as social media marketing experts working in this field for years now, encourage our clients to give it at least 3 to 6 months for the campaigns to warm up, you are always free to leave whenever you want without any penalty payments if you feel that’s the right road to take for your business.

Our business is new, so the budget we have is very limited. Should we still invest in social media marketing?

Many small and newly-launched businesses shoot themselves in the foot assuming that social media marketing is only for ‘the big sharks’ of the market that have thousands of dollars to spare purely on marketing. Although the budget of campaigns matters, it is definitely not the only key factor that defines success. For businesses that are just starting out, we often suggest using social media marketing for long-term goals, for example, brand building, instead of having a sole goal of increasing direct sales. Campaigns that are oriented to improving sales by attracting leads and conversions are usually more expensive than those of having a goal to increase engagement with regularly posted content that does not have a purpose of direct sales. Moreover, the other branches of digital marketing are possible as well, in many cases even a better option than social media marketing campaigns, as it’s often a cheaper option from a long-term approach. Such options as engaging social media posts, regular blog articles, installation of SEO and associated tools, other types of visual and textual content production are possible. We always encourage our clients to sign up for a free consultation by simply contacting us, so we can evaluate your situation and provide you with the best possible options for your new business. Also, keep in mind that you are always welcome to read more about other digital marketing services we offer at SEO Management and Optimization, Content Production and Copywriting, Social Media Management Services.

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