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Website and E-shop Development


Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has once said a quote that is now a famous slogan when describing business development in the age of digital. The quote follows as “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” It is tough to disagree with the reference of the quote, as the data of 2020 shows that over two billion people purchased items, products, or services online for approximately 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. Keeping in mind that the access and usage of the internet continue to rise enormously, especially during these pandemic times, the mentioned numbers will definitely be higher, meaning that the importance of being present on your methods of selling will be as major as ever before.

Websites and e-commerce shops are the new key answer to staying present in the market. Whether you sell physical items, digital products, or both physical and digital services, having a content management website or electronic commerce shop is a must for every business.

Content management websites (or simply referred to as ‘websites’) are usually used for promoting services or publishing information, e.g. science articles. An essential part of this type of website is content. Meanwhile, electronic commerce shops (or just ‘e-shops’) are more oriented to selling a product or item, so both user experience and user interface are especially important because they need to make customers engage, take action, and, of course, buy the product.

In both cases creating a website requires thoughtfulness, carefulness, and creativeness. A good-looking and user-experience positive website is more than an “About Us”, a page for contacting or a “Portfolio”. It is also about the way your articles are written, the fonts and colors are chosen, the structure is selected, the pictures are taken, the icons are installed, and so on. Finally, having a great design or well-written textual content is also not enough, as the website has to intuitively lead to some kind of a goal it was built for, e.g. increasing sales. That is why websites also need SEO, click-engaging buttons, search-friendly URLs, sales-oriented plugins, and other deadly needed technical things that might not always be seen by an eye of a website visitor.

All of this might seem complicated, we understand, but that is why you have us. If you are only about putting the tick over this ‘website thing’, then rather let us, the professionals of website and e-shop development, do the work. I mean, seriously, we have been working in this market for years, we know what we’re doing.

Why Website/E-shop?

  • Creates Credibility and a Positive First-Impression
  • Attracts Organic Traffic
  • Acts Somewhat as an Organic Customer Service so Saves Time
  • Opens up Many More Digital Marketing Opportunities

Why Us?

Individual Approach

We don’t use the five templates we bought on a flash sale to create boring and ordinary websites for our clients. Most of the decisions we come up with when developing websites or e-shops are based on an individual level, so we try to attain new and unique ideas as well as executions of it that’d fit your case the best.

Diverse Platforms

Some website development platforms don’t fit the goal a business has. There are platforms more suitable for creating e-commerce shops while the others are more oriented towards simple and effective content management. That’s why we use several different platforms when creating websites or e-shops.

What is included when ordering website development services?

There are many both macro and micro details included when developing a website. Most of them vary a lot depending on the business working with, so we are not able to list them all, but the most important ones are these:

  • The domain of your choice (12 months duration);
  • Website hosting services (12 months duration);
  • Standard SSL certificate (https);
  • Different language integration (EN/LT + a language of your choice if needed);
  • Personal lessons on how to use the basics of CMS (in other words, we teach you how to use your new website);
  • 12-month duration warranty (we provide every client a 12-month duration warranty that ensures your website works as intended by fixing any issues arising for free during the period, however, any other improvements not related to the general operation of a website are tolerated as additional services);
  • Unlimited mailboxes (an ability to create a separate business email for as many team members or as many website functions as you need);
  • Responsive desktop as well as mobile-focused design (your website will be designed in a compatible way for both computers and smartphones).

These are only the essential elements you get when ordering website development services, but there is definitely more we can do, although it depends on the specifics of your business as well as your financial capabilities if we implement extra features or not. We can create visual and textual content for your website, edit the existing texts to make it sell, install many different management experience positive plugins, configure your business email with Google, and much more. Get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can come up with the best solutions matching your case.

What is included when ordering e-shop development services?

E-commerce websites are more oriented towards intuitively encouraging the visitor to engage and take action, so, when developing such websites, the decisions should be more psychologically driven than usual. Every detail matters, even the smallest ones, e.g. the color of the ‘Contact Us’ button, etc. E-shops usually take longer to create than a regular website that’s mostly oriented to publishing and managing the content. Some of the elements that will be implemented when creating your e-shop:

  • The registration of your domain (12 months duration);
  • Website hosting services at our or your servers (12 months duration);
  • Standard SSL certificate (https);
  • Different language integration if needed (EN/LT are possible);
  • Product delivery integration through diverse deliverers (DPD, UPS, Omniva, LP, etc.);
  • Up to 7 static web pages (additional static web pages are possible for request, but will cost extra);
  • Payment methods integration (electronic bank transfers, Debit & Credit cards, Paysera, PayPal, Stripe, Revolut, etc.);
  • Unlimited mailboxes (separate email addresses for every team member and e-shop function needed);
  • ‘Contact Us’ form (integration of a plugin that lets you edit the content and design of a ‘Contact Us’ form easily and whenever you want with a possibility to collect the database of potential clients and track various metadata);
  • Discount system integration (easily operatable discount system for your e-shop);
  • Responsive and both desktop & mobile-focused design (designing your e-shop in a compatible way not only for a computer but also a smartphone is especially important, as 3 out of 4 e-commerce sales are done through mobile phones);
  • Personal lessons and technical support on how to manage your e-shop (we understand that it might sometimes get confusing when using the new system of your e-shop, so that’s why we will personally teach you the basics and will consult you on any questions related to the duration of 3 months).

As with content management-oriented websites, the same case is with e-shops as well. Many micro and macro elements depend on the subjective needs of a business. In other words, these are not the only tools we implement when creating an e-shop. If needed, we can and will do more. Your e-shop might also need some additional content, for example, product descriptions or high-quality photos. You can read more about the content production services we provide at content production and copywriting services.

What are the approximate prices for developing a website or an e-shop?

As with most of our services, it really depends on the individual case of your business. Before determining the exact price, we need to hear out your needs and wishes, discuss the branding questions and decide on many other essential questions, related to the operation of your website. There really are no boundaries or limits on how much can website or e-shop cost. The more client is able to invest, the better solutions we can offer. Typically a successful website or e-shop has a positive ROI, so we suggest our clients funding this investment as possibly much as your business can afford. For exact prices, contacting us is the best option, as we will be able to see into your case and then provide you with an offer.

Our business has a website, but it’s outdated and needs improvement. Can you give us a hand on that?

We have redesigned and modernized many outdated websites for our clients, so the answer is definitely yes. However, keep in mind that sometimes the best decision is to re-create the website from scratch on a separate platform. There were numerous times our clients contacted us asking to give them a hand on improving their 10 years old website that was created on a platform not used anymore. In that case, the best solution is to re-create the website on a new and modern platform from scratch, so we are able to come up with the best web design solutions possible and we are not limited to the capabilities of an outdated CMS. Apart from that, if a website or e-shop is more or less operating well and is made on a CMS that’s not outdated yet, then we rather work on improving the current existing variant. We hear out your wishes and needs, discuss the possible improvements, and start working.

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