Cortip, MB complies with the requirements from Creditinfo

The "Strongest in Lithuania" certificate has been awarded by the credit bureau Creditinfo for the eleventh year in a row to financially sound companies with a good credit history. This is one of the oldest and most famous awards in Lithuania, which is also recognized by international business partners. The certificate confirms that the company is reliable, its economic condition and financial results are good, its effective activities contribute to the development of the Lithuanian economy and a fair business culture.

In selecting the strongest companies, the credit bureau relies on historical and up-to-date information to evaluate the more than 100 performance indicators of each company that make up the financial soundness rating.

The better the credit rating, the less likely the company is to default for 90 days or more. The solvency and rating of companies are determined by the credit history - fulfillment of financial obligations, punctuality of payments, financial results - income, profit, liquidity, changes in equity and other indicators.

Cortip - Strongest in Lithuania 2021 Certificate
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