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Using LinkedIn as the best professional platform to promote your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader is one of the best ways to go in the B2B world.

Vygandas Pliasas
by Vygandas Pliasas, 9 months ago, August 22nd, 2022
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If you want to make it in the business world, you must take advantage of all the possibilities social media platforms offer. Considering that we live in a digital era, leveraging social media benefits couldn't be easier.

Using LinkedIn as the best professional platform to promote your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader is one of the best ways to go in the B2B world. To maximize your use of LinkedIn, you must create and share information there. Your opportunities grow with each piece of high-quality content you post.

It is important for the content shared on LinkedIn to benefit other users. It's better if we consider other LinkedIn users to be subscribers and work to produce information pertinent to the target market.

The importance of regular posting

Regular posting is essential for maximizing LinkedIn's potential. The problem is that the LinkedIn algorithm primarily aims to: -Prioritizing pertinent content and -To encourage engagement.

Algorithms use data to create predictions. Consequently, the algorithm has less information to decide if your content is relevant or exciting if you don't update frequently. In such an instance, a different user with a more consistent posting schedule would be more dependable and a better wager.

Finally, remember to post routinely. Don’t forget that personal posts carry equal importance as business ones. No matter how unique your content is, if you only post periodically, it won't generate the engagement or leads you so desperately need. Consider posting as a full-time activity rather than a pastime.

Popular social media management platforms

The popularity of the tools required to maintain such social media pages has increased along with the significance of social media for customer service efforts and marketing. In fact, more people than ever are searching for the best "social media management tools" to keep up with the latest trends.

Killer LinkedIn Scheduling Tools to Increase Your Marketing

Social media management can be burdensome if you have other critical tasks to complete, such as organizing a campaign or strategizing. That is especially true if you run a small firm or are a social media manager with several accounts. How do you balance? Then, how do you manage your time to be effective at other mental and physical duties while keeping your platforms updated?

A lot of work is involved in creating content, posting it, reposting it, engaging, communicating, sharing other people's content, and so on. However, there is no need for concern because there are many tools available to assist you. Here are some of them:


One of the most well-liked social media management apps is Hootsuite. It is a top option for companies of all sizes due to its extensive social media management knowledge and amazing feature set. Managing several social media accounts, scheduling posts, and tracking campaign outcomes are some of Hootsuite's best features. Additionally, it offers a powerful analytics tool that tracks traffic, engagement, and reach on social media. It has social advertising options for both organic and sponsored searches. All social networks' advertisements are easily managed thanks to the multi-channel functionality.


SocialBee is a social media management platform used by service providers, small enterprises, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to manage social media accounts. It stands out from other solutions because it emphasizes content curation and scheduling more. The ability of SocialBee to assist businesses in swiftly creating or repurposing content is one of its key selling factors. A drag-and-drop interface makes scheduling straightforward and makes it simple to create a content calendar.


Cortip is a results-driven digital marketing company that provides cutting-edge and statistically proven advertising solutions for various global industries. The LinkedIn Content Creator product is their current area of concentration. This program helps both individuals and groups produce content for LinkedIn. It's a tool that will help you produce a larger quantity of content, retain ideas, improve the caliber of your posts, and get views that would otherwise require you to buy advertisements. You can use the Content Creator product solo, hire a content writer or a designer, or hire Cortip's team. One of the many benefits of this wireframe is that you can set it so that only you can post or schedule it to be posted later on your LinkedIn profile. This is an excellent place to talk about the product and also show that there's a person behind the logo.


Sendible is an excellent choice for scheduling your LinkedIn posts and is compatible with a variety of social media platforms. The platform includes channels or accounts you can establish within your Sendible account. You may schedule posts for LinkedIn company profiles, reply to comments, and track the effectiveness of your material. Additionally, Sendible provides integrations that are ideal for making and managing your LinkedIn posts.


DrumUp makes the scheduling and the posting on LinkedIn on your behalf. Additionally, it expands your audience by suggesting hashtags and repeat posting times, finds new content, and uses analytics to track social media activity to evaluate your tactics' success. Additionally, you can add numerous accounts to the dashboard and change the settings to suit your needs.


The solution you need for all of your LinkedIn posting requirements is SocialPilot. It includes all the capabilities necessary to run fantastic LinkedIn campaigns, including the ability to bulk schedule posts, find excellent and relevant material to increase engagement, and set up visual media campaigns. Additionally, it offers LinkedIn analytics, which you can later email to whomever. The best thing is that it is not just for scheduling on LinkedIn. Along with LinkedIn, SocialPilot also allows you to post on other significant social media platforms.


You may schedule your LinkedIn updates with Postcron, a scheduling app for desktop and mobile. You may schedule many LinkedIn posts using bulk posting. You can find stuff for LinkedIn in their context gallery as well. Your photos can be more distinctive by having an automatically added logo or another watermark.

In particular, for individuals who are not tech-savvy, Postcron is a simple tool to use.


This killer scheduling tool for LinkedIn informs you of the most effective times to post daily. Additionally, you may plan out your LinkedIn postings for the entire week. Your timeline will appear active for the following week if you have sufficient content scheduled. That's scheduled by the queue meter. For improved social media management, they also have a variety of additional services, including analytics and content curation.

One for the road

Every company's ultimate goal is to create a significant social media presence that draws an increasing number of leads. Thanks to its high potential for organic growth, LinkedIn is one such platform that is quick to provide results. But to fully unlock the advantages of being on the most prominent professional market in the world, you need the appropriate LinkedIn tool. You shouldn't neglect other platforms at the same time. Therefore, you must pick a tool to make your online presence stand out!

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