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Crafting innovative strategies that drive digital growth and operational excellence.

technology innovation

Tech Integration

Leveraging the latest technologies to create scalable and efficient digital solutions.

client success

Client Success

Dedicated to delivering results that surpass client expectations and foster long-term partnerships.

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Software Development Dedicated Teams

Your Project, Your Team

Enhance your software aspirations with Cortip, where we assemble and manage a proficient team tailored to your project’s scale and speed. No recruiting or direct management needed—just a clear focus on your core business, while we provide a streamlined development journey to keep pace with your ambitions, all within the budget that works for you.

SaaS Development

Specializing in SaaS application development, we create scalable, robust platforms designed for high user traffic, focusing on seamless performance and user experience.

ERP/CRM Solutions

We design custom ERP and CRM systems to streamline business operations, enhance customer engagement, and improve data management, tailored to your specific needs.

cortip telehealth

Telehealth & eHealth

Empower healthcare delivery through secure, tailored web and mobile SaaS platforms for efficient patient care, booking and management, designed by Cortip’s tech experts.

Custom Application Development

Designing and developing custom web and mobile applications with scalability and a massive user base in mind, ideally suited for businesses with growth ambitions in mind.

Web/Mobile Design and Implementation

Our web design services combine aesthetics with functionality, transforming creative designs into fully operational, user-friendly websites for diverse business needs.

cortip ai integrations

AI & Machine Learning Integration

Empower your business with AI and Machine Learning! Incorporate advanced AI solutions like ChatGPT into your operations, enhancing efficiency and unlocking new possibilities.

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Our Little Story

Something About Us

Cortip is your gateway to exceptional software engineering talent, where assembling dedicated teams of skilled engineers, product owners, designers, and content specialists is our forte. Our primary mission is to recruit the industry’s best developers to bring your custom SaaS projects to life. Helmed by Vygandas Pliasas, a veteran with over 16 years of expertise in software engineering and leadership, we focus on orchestrating high-scale projects with finesse. From crafting robust applications capable of serving millions to delivering exquisite web design and comprehensive development services, our oversight ensures that we consistently aim beyond client expectations. Partner with Cortip and experience the evolution of excellence in the digital landscape.

We are an expert in
e-commerce & SaaS

At Cortip, we blend innovative technology with expert strategy to propel your e-commerce and SaaS ventures to new heights.

  • Proven expertise in leading complex digital projects to success
  • Tailored strategies to meet unique business needs and goals
  • Conservatively leveraging the latest advancements for optimal performance
  • Focused on building long-term partnerships and delivering results that exceed expectations
Did you know that

We are trusted by leading e-com brands in country

Cortip created Adverstorm to enhance large e-commerce operations using Google Ads. Adverstorm, an advanced search advertising management solution, was designed to automate and optimize ad campaigns, particularly for high-traffic e-commerce sites with hundreds of thousands of products. It focuses on efficient resource allocation, reducing manual effort, making it smarter than Google Ads automation, and increasing returns on ad spending.

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At Cortip, our mission is to ensure our client startups succeed within critical timeframes and budgets. We focus on smart MVP goals, delivering solutions that are not only effective but also strategically sound and financially savvy.

Vygandas PliasasCEO & Founder of Cortip

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • I worked closely with Vygandas on a day-to-day basis as the product manager of the team he managed. We frequently discussed ways to optimize the team and to prioritize features. It was truly a pleasure working alongside Vygandas as he will go above and beyond to support his team. He excels when it comes to capacity planning and providing high-level estimates on LOE for the initiatives on the roadmap. His management style is pretty straightforward – ensure that everyone is equipped to succeed. This includes removing blockers, researching the unknowns, and getting the right people in the room. This mentality is the reason for the success of the team, why his direct reports thrived and how the Product team was able to manage stakeholders and expectations. I would highly recommend Vygandas for a management position at any company that requires building strong teams and effective, strategic planning.

    Stevy Cheung
    Product Manager at Toptal
  • Vygandas is a very creative person who knows how to matarialize complex ideas into reality easyly. It’s because he has strong IT background and management skills which let him to see end picture in the begining of new project. Vygandas comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems and know how to manage all process to seek best result on time.

    Gerdas Giedrimas
    Head of eCommerce at Elevita
  • We ordered website optimization services from Cortip and we’ve got 5 stars service. It was delivered in a timely manner with great communication. The whole process went smoothly and without issues. You made +1 happy client.

    Mantas Vaitkūnas
    Co-founder at Markestro
  • Vygandas is great to work with and brings a depth and breadth of experience. He’s thoughtful and detail-oriented and is able to switch quickly from big-picture planning to granular project management.

    Dean Levitt
    Co-founder & Marketing & Operations at Litesite
  • Vygandas was amazing and went above and beyond in every way. The whole team is looking forward to working with him again soon.

    Ilan Missulawin
    Co-founder at Litesite
  • Vygandas was employee #1 of our Lithuania branch, and his hard work was crucial in getting the new office and team up and running.

    Sune Westphalen
    VP Engineering at Velocity Black
  • I was lucky to be the Team Lead that hired Vygandas into Toptal. From the interviews he was impressive in the nicest way: calm, friendly, very intelligent, and communicates very well. Once at the company, he continuously did great work. Yes, he is an excellent engineer. At the same time he can work with people superbly, is a great listener, can organize thoughts and priorities, and is patient. To top it off, Vygandas is always positive and uplifting. After I departed Toptal, he took over my position as Team Lead and it worked out very well for everyone involved. Vygandas can work at any level of an organization and excel.

    Gustavo Saiani
    Engineering Manager at Toptal
  • Vygandas has a rare combination of technological expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. I enjoy helping him in his ventures, and I always appreciate Vygandas’ help whilst learning how to code.

    Kostas Baubinas
    Communication Strategist

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