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Agency Issues

Suspecting that developers and PM doesn't work solely on your project? Feeling like overpaying a bit?

Disappearing Freelancer

They are gone for whole 2 weeks again?! It went well while it was just a fresh project start and now stalling?

Struggle to Hire

You hire developers or managers yourself but you don't have experience in these fields to evaluate?

Pandemonium in To-Do

So many ideas, so few hands, no time, everything is everywhere? No roadmap, no tasks tracking, things missing?

Don't Know What's SDLC

SDLC is Software Development Life Cycle. Never heard? There's one more abbreviation for product too!

Feeling Something's OFF

You pay, you get things done eventually, but you would like to explore if there's anything to be improved?

Focus areas and services

This is our main areas where we focus and have most experience at. If you're are looking for help in further areas, you're in a good place!

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Founder & CEO
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What our clients say

We limit the number of clients we take on to ensure we can deliver the best results with full focus.

Sune Westphalen
VP of Engineering,
Velocity Mobile Ltd.
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Vygandas was employee #1 of our Lithuania branch, and his hard work was crucial in getting the new office and team up and running.

Stevy Cheung
Senior Product Manager
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I worked closely with Vygandas on a day-to-day basis as the product manager of the team he managed. We frequently discussed ways to optimize the team and to prioritize features. It was truly a pleasure working alongside Vygandas as he will go above and beyond to support his team. He excels when it comes to capacity planning and providing high-level estimates on LOE for the initiatives on the roadmap. His management style is pretty straightforward - ensure that everyone is equipped to succeed. This includes removing blockers, researching the unknowns, and getting the right people in the room. This mentality is the reason for the success of the team, why his direct reports thrived and how the Product team was able to manage stakeholders and expectations. I would highly recommend Vygandas for a management position at any company that requires building strong teams and effective, strategic planning.

Ilan Missulawin
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Vygandas was amazing and went above and beyond in every way. The whole team is looking forward to working with him again soon.

Gerdas Giedrimas
Head of E-Commerce
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Vygandas is a very creative person who knows how to matarialize complex ideas into reality easyly. It's because he has strong IT background and management skills which let him to see end picture in the begining of new project. Vygandas comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems and know how to manage all process to seek best result on time.

Dean Levitt
Marketing & Operations
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Vygandas is great to work with and brings a depth and breadth of experience. He's thoughtful and detail-oriented and is able to switch quickly from big-picture planning to granular project management.

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Vygandas Pliasas, CEO at Cortip
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do Product Management yourself?

We ensure you're equipped with the necessary tools, strategies, and product management understanding. Additionally, we handle the initial roadmap planning and prioritize the first batch of tasks to set the stage for success. Afterward, clients often choose to have us find a competent product manager who can maintain the momentum at a lower rate planned for the long term. We regularly perform check-ins to confirm that everything is proceeding smoothly, stakeholders are satisfied, and we're prepared to address any issues that may arise.


What is the step-by-step process for starting work with your team?

Starting work with our team is straightforward. Book an exploratory meeting where we'll quickly discuss your project, needs, tech stack, and main issues. During this call, our goal is to understand if we possess the expertise in your area and assess our usefulness to your project.

If there is mutual interest, we will proceed by signing a contract. You will then decide how many hours you want to cover in advance so that we can get started. For instance, you could pay for 5 hours, where usually 3-4 hours are dedicated to a thorough investigation of the situation by talking on calls with various stakeholders, with the remaining time allotted for our own research into your specific context. From this, we can provide a plan laying out options for the next steps.

Should our service meet your expectations, we can arrange for a recurring deposit of a certain number of hours per month. This will allow us to dive into management, tool implementation, stakeholder communication, roadmap building, and more.

Once we've developed the roadmap, the usual next step is to start looking for full-time management staff to handle daily operations. This leads to team-building, mentoring leaders, ensuring quality, and so on.

After the team is set up, we usually scale down on hours, but we always remain available for assistance when needed.

The workload will depend on the project and our current obligations with other clients, as we strive not to oversell and maintain top-notch service.


How are payment terms structured for your services?

Consulting is charged on an hourly basis and paid for upfront.

The sourcing and screening process is complimentary and not included in billable hours.

You may opt to directly contract the freelancer through a buyout arrangement or select our default option, where you are invoiced upfront for one month of the talent's work. We will then handle contracting and all legal matters internally. In the event of a mismatch, we can either secure a replacement using the remaining budget or issue a refund for the unused portion.


What kind of support will I receive throughout the project?

You can expect to get Fractional CTO level support.