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On Time Service

We ensure the services and products our customers order are always delivered on time.

Team of Professionals

Our team consists of professionals that gathered their know-how through many years of hard work.

Case Oriented Services

Every customer we have is an individual case, meaning that quality over quantity is guaranteed.

Products We Created

For your bussiness growth!

Products Search on Steroids

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

Similar Products

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

Quality & SEO Monitor

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

Services We Provide

Covered in these areas

Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

WEB and Software Development

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

Project Management, UX & CRO

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

vygandas pliasas
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The Principles of Our Work

First impression matters. It is a key to the success of your Business. The century we are living in is all about the digital. There is little to no space for unnecessary mistakes neither on your social media nor the website. And this will not change anytime soon. It is common knowledge that consumer attention spans are dwindling. According to the research, the average attention span of a millennial is 12 seconds while a Gen Zer retains concentration by a third less, i.e. 8 seconds. This makes the cost of first impression as high as it was never before and it will only rise.

We are here to give you a hand in redefining your Business’ digital impression. Cortip is all about creating the right image and a significant brand identity that captivates your target audience. Our marketing campaigns are always data-driven and optimized to the individual level, meaning that the case of our client receives the most attention possible. We make sure that our services are done in a timely manner as well as the highest quality. Even though we love numbers and data, creativity is the aspiration we seek the most when implementing marketing campaigns, designing websites or producing content. The services we offer are: digital marketing & advertising (Facebook & Instagram ads + Google ads)website & e-shop development; SEO management & optimization; CRO & consulting; content production & copywriting; social media management.

As our brand indicates, we start from the core to end at the top. Every great achievement starts with redecorating the basic principles of any work. The city of Rome was not built in a day and with little effort. It required consistency, hard work and persistence, as well as some time. These are the values we work by no matter what. Join us and let’s build your Rome together.

Did you know that

We are trusted by more than 5,000 clients

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. More than 25 years of experience working in the industry has enabled us to build our services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital.

We are an expert in
this field

Yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.
When, while the lovely valley teems.

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    Our goal is to be at the heart of the e-commerce services industry as businesses expand local and global markets.

    Vygandas PliasasCEO Of Cortip

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      Clients’ & Partners' Testimonials

      • I work at a major University in Lithuania that runs a startup incubator. Obviously, ranking high in search results among privately run incubators is very important to us. Cortip was very useful for us to figure out the position, improve placement and increase the quality of visitor experience. Recognising that search ranking is dynamic, we get weekly updates about our position and if anything needs looking at. Service was great, will use again, RECOMMENDED.

        Lukas Bartusevičius
        Business Developer at National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre
      • Vygandas is a very creative person who knows how to matarialize complex ideas into reality easyly. It’s because he has strong IT background and management skills which let him to see end picture in the begining of new project. Vygandas comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems and know how to manage all process to seek best result on time.

        Gerdas Giedrimas
        Marketing Manager at Elevita, UAB
      • We ordered website optimization services from Cortip and we’ve got 5 stars service. It was delivered in a timely manner with great communication. The whole process went smoothly and without issues. You made +1 happy client.

        Mantas Vaitkūnas
        Chief Technology Officer at / UAB Mano Planas
      • Vygandas has a rare combination of technological expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. I enjoy helping him in his ventures, and I always appreciate Vygandas’ help whilst learning how to code.

        Kostas Baubinas
        Director at Kitaip tariant, MB
      • Vygandas is passionate about IT sector and is particularly great at coding using various demanding languages. His passion for IT and awesome work ethic makes him one of the best coders I have ever had pleasure to co-operate with.

        Almantas Vainauskas
        Managing Director at Concilio Consultancy
      • Cortip guys has done an amazing job improving our website. It made a transition from being plain and technical to looking professional and having all it needs. We really recommend these guys if you want to improve the traffic to your website.

        Hayley Hernandez
        Head of Marketing
      • Since I started my flower business, social media was always my weakness. I was about the beautyness of my flowers and not the internet. However, Cortip has given me a hand dealing with social media and now it doesn’t seem as hard as it used to.

        Aaron Carter
        Shop Owner at The Little Flower Shop
      • We were recommended to use the digital services Cortip offers by our good partners we also work with. Since the start of our partnership with Cortip, we’ve had no regrets yet. They’ve done a lot of careful work with our SEO as well as Google Ads campaigns, which lead to more than doubling the traffic to our website.

        Vivien Coleman
        Marketing Manager
      • We’ve been looking for some help getting our products promoted outside Lithuania. Cortip team helped us to prepare ads for Norway and UK, also did audit of our e-shop and optimised some pages to get better results. Results were great, we will work with them in the future.

        E-shop owner
      • Cortip has done a wonderful job managing our social media as well as improving our SEO on the website. The job was done with care and, most importantly, it had an obvious positive impact on our sales. They are definitely the jack of all trades when it comes to marketing and other digital services.

        Povilas Rūgys

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