Cortip acquires Rescouted and has big plans for the recruitment industry

The choice was between developing a new platform from scratch or acquiring one that already boasted the necessary features...

Vygandas Pliasas


Cortip, a Delaware-based company, working only on a remote basis, known for its robust consulting in product and engineering management, has made a strategic move to enhance its recruitment capabilities by acquiring Rescouted. Cortip specializes in helping companies streamline SaaS product development and assembling top-tier talent across engineering, product management, and design, primarily serving clients in the United States and the United Kingdom. Rescouted, known for its innovative applicant tracking system, automates the initial phases of recruitment by enabling asynchronous video interviews, thus streamlining the process significantly.

Why Rescouted Was Needed

Cortip recognized the need to enhance its recruitment process by integrating more advanced technologies. The choice was between developing a new platform from scratch or acquiring one that already boasted the necessary features. Rescouted presented an opportunity with its existing functionalities that perfectly aligned with Cortip’s needs, offering a significant head start compared to developing a new system internally.

What Are the Plans

The immediate focus post-acquisition is to integrate artificial intelligence to assess candidate CVs and video interviews more efficiently. This AI integration aims to verify the authenticity of candidate information and uncover additional skills that may not be explicitly listed on their CVs. Long-term, Cortip plans to expand Rescouted’s capabilities to include customizable automated assessments and direct messaging features, aiming to create a fully functioning, all-in-one applicant tracking system (ATS).

Who Will Benefit

The primary beneficiaries are Cortip itself, as it streamlines its own hiring processes, and hiring managers across various industries who rely on efficient tools to support remote recruitment. Given the system’s design around remote hiring, companies that operate predominantly online will find Rescouted particularly beneficial.

Expectations to Save Time and Money

By leveraging Rescouted, Cortip anticipates significant reductions in the time required to place candidates within companies, potentially cutting down the recruitment cycle to just a few days. This efficiency not only enhances client satisfaction but also reduces operational costs associated with lengthy hiring processes.

In Conclusion

With the acquisition of Rescouted, Cortip is poised to revolutionize the recruitment landscape, offering both enhanced efficiency and expanded services. The integration of advanced AI technologies and the focus on remote hiring support Cortip’s vision of a diversified business model where high-quality recruitment solutions are accessible to more companies and recruiters globally.