Vygandas Pliasas

I Build & Manage Dedicated Teams for Startups. Fixer, Technical Leader, Product Manager, Roadmap Builder, People Mentor 🚀 17+ years of exp. in Software Engineering & Produt Management ⚛️ Entrepreneur Born 💼

Founder & CEO of Cortip Inc.

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Vygandas Pliasas, CEO at Cortip


Vygandas has a masters degree and keeps learning all the time


Information Systems

Architecting information systems and databases, business workflows and activities analysis, process efficiency optimization, work in a team and managing IS projects.

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Kaunas University of Technology
Bachelor's degree (4 years)

Software Engineering

Computer programme systems & engineering, systematic analysis & evaluation of computerised environment, creation & installation of software.

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Kaunas University of Technology
Master's degree (2 years)

Strategic Thinking for the CXO

An executive education programme helping senior leaders gain the skills to execute strategies and maintain competitive advantage in uncertain environments.

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Cambridge Judge Business School
Module (8 weeks)

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Career highlights

Vygandas has amassed his experience through his tenure with these companies. This list does not encompass clients he has served as a representative of Cortip Inc.

Aesthetidocs Ltd.

Head of Engineering

I lead the product and technical team and ensure the seamless transition from vision to execution. I manage end-to-end project lifecycles, hire and oversee diverse teams, and maintain robust server and security infrastructures. My role is central to safeguarding product quality, promoting innovation, and contributing to the company's mission to revolutionize clinic management. I'm hands-on for Product Discovery and initiatives wireframing, sizing and technical writing, DevOps-related tasks, infrastructure and data.

Huma Ltd.

Technical Product Manager

Some of my responsibilities involve aligning requirements across departments, organizing and putting initiatives on our roadmap, and ensuring that initiatives align with the engineering department's vision, as well as the overall company vision. I was taking ownership of the project end-to-end, managing requirements, writing solid Jira tickets, working with development leads to communicate overall status, and working with developers to make sure they followed best practices for development and consistency and staying on track.The average number of people in a squad I lead per initiative is 20. The max number I worked with was 40 per 2 initiatives. My squads are built of:
● Backend engineers;
● Frontend (web) engineers;
● iOS engineers;
● Android engineers;
● QA;
● QA API automation engineers;
● QA Web automation engineers.

Toptal LLC

Engineering Manager

● Setting goals for the group as OKRs (Objective Key Result);
● Looking into the big picture of what my team is doing, why, and how it relates to other squad teams, other squads, and departments;
● Working on motivating and inspiring the team and each individual contributor;
● Working closely and communicating with stakeholders as also with their team and Product Managers;
● Working on team engagement maximization;
● Formulating and giving feedback, forming action items, and tracking performance;
● Participating in regular performance reviews: my team members and everybody they are interacting a lot with (PMs, designers, etc.); they should always be aware of what they have done well and what are the areas for improvement;
● Being aware of engineering wide technical and people initiatives, helping if necessary, organizing and leading some initiatives myself;
● Facilitating technical discussions, e.g. on GitHub or Slack channels;
● Resolving both technical and social conflicts when I feel I need to step in;
● Pushing for high code quality;
● Mentoring team members when they feel they could be better programmers or team players in general;
● Bring up difficult and/or systemic challenges and impediments to the attention of their Director of Engineering or other engineering management;
● Initiating discussions about personal and career growth with my direct reports;
● Leading the recruiting and hiring process of the team.

Velocity Mobile Ltd

R&D Manager

I was a representative in Lithuania for a new office establishment, dealt with legal, recruitment, and onboarding, and performed over 150 initial interviews with engineers, qa, product designers, machine learning specialists, operations, and support people.

I worked on a European Union Grant where the project's total value was 1.857.810,22 EUR, and after a couple of iterations, the final grant was approved for 836.014 EUR in 2020. (project "DEVELOPMENT OF A PERSONALIZED SERVICE SYSTEM ALLOWING THE AUTOMATIC INTELLIGENCE-BASED TOOLS TO AUTOMATICALLY PROCESS CUSTOMER ORDERS" No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856-01-0244 https://velocity.black/eu-grant).

In this role, I was wearing multiple hats. The top priority was to figure out what our clients and users wanted, make a precise definition, crystallize, put it on the roadmap, and put everything on Jira for the engineering team.

I was also architecting the main project while I was waiting for the team to get assembled (new candidates in the pipeline, notice periods, and so on).

My engineering team was split into the local team in Lithuania and the remote unit in Londons HQ office.

Screencloud Ltd

Team Lead

I was developing an MVP for a flagman product. It was a successful prototype, and the company decided to build a whole team for it. I’ve mentored a new team and added the most complicated features to keep the momentum. Most of my work was on the front-end with TypeScript, React, and GraphQL.

Besides engineering, I acted as a Product Manager. I had to figure out the requirements and come up with user experience solutions and ways to use them. I also was researching similar products. I traveled to offices abroad to meet the team who worked on-site, aligned with the rest of the system roadmap, and demoed the progress.

Searchnode UAB

Team Lead

I have rebuilt the main product from the old Vanilla JS + Mustache solution to new, scalable, easily configurable solutions based on TypeScript and React. I led a team of senior engineers who implemented this product to client websites after its release, optimizing the development according to feedback and findings.

My duties and responsibilities:

● Lead SearchNode solution development team, which is building custom search solutions for the customers – big e-commerce sites – and creating a better search experience for millions of users every day;
● Lead internal tools, libraries, and universal UI components development;
● Build and improve development, task management, and customer communication processes;
● Build coaching, mentoring, and knowledge-sharing processes;
● Hire and onboard new team members;
● Work on the most critical projects hands-on;
● Build search page user interfaces for big e-commerce sites and create a better search experience for millions of visitors;
● Analyze data feeds and create algorithms to normalize data and extract relevant information;
Work with TypeScript and Preact.

HomeToGo GmbH

Senior Frontend Developer

Working on various client-facing pages, improving UX. Most of the pages were related to SEO and paid trsffic.

Kayak Inc.

Senior Frontend Developer

Working on various client-facing pages, optimizations and CRO. Was reading lectures to students at Kayak UI academy.

And more developer position related full-time positions...