Cortip is a company that creates tools for people to maximise reach and visibility on social media

Currently, our company's primary focus is the LinkedIn Content Creator product. This is a tool for individuals and teams that creates content on LinkedIn. This tool will help increase content output, keep ideas, better post quality and gain views that otherwise would require buying ads.

Improve sales and visitors satisfaction with our smart products system

Our e-commerce faceted search engine and products up-sell matching system will work to improve your website, provide relevant products to your clients, allow them to pick best fitting items, find with even misspelled words and typos.

Keep your website top-notch and well performing when you do frequent updates

Not every improvement is a good improvement for SEO. We provide web audit andseo monitor tool so you wouldn't miss any important performance downgrades. Be aware of what's happening, trust tracking to us!

Services We Provide

Minutes after reaching the final agreement, our team of professionals will jump onto your case by analyzing and discussing ways of solving problems on a micro level. Every client we have is an individual case we work on, so you can expect the highest quality possible. If we have any extra essential questions, we will contact you, but apart of that there is nothing bothering you until the job is done.

Sounds interesting? It might just be something we can help you with!
Our goal is to be at the heart of the e-commerce services industry as businesses expand local and global markets.
Vygandas Pliasas
CEO Of Cortip

Our blog about e-commerce, marketing and user experience

We're keen to learn more, improve our understanding of users behavior, catch up with latest marketing trends. We also think that by sharing interesting information we help our potential clients understand what we are focusing on.

The Principles of Our Work

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First impression matters. It is a key to the success of your Business. The century we are living in is all about the digital. There is little to no space for unnecessary mistakes neither on your social media nor the website. And this will not change anytime soon. It is common knowledge that consumer attention spans are dwindling. According to the research, the average attention span of a millennial is 12 seconds while a Gen Zer retains concentration by a third less, i.e. 8 seconds. This makes the cost of first impression as high as it was never before and it will only rise.

We are here to give you a hand in redefining your Business’ digital impression. Cortip is all about creating the right image and a significant brand identity that captivates your target audience. Our marketing campaigns are always data-driven and optimized to the individual level, meaning that the case of our client receives the most attention possible. We make sure that our services are done in a timely manner as well as the highest quality. Even though we love numbers and data, creativity is the aspiration we seek the most when implementing marketing campaigns, designing websites or producing content. The services we offer are: digital marketing & advertising (Facebook & Instagram ads + Google ads); website & e-shop development; SEO management & optimization; CRO & consulting; content production & copywriting; social media management.

As our brand indicates, we start from the core to end at the top. Every great achievement starts with redecorating the basic principles of any work. The city of Rome was not built in a day and with little effort. It required consistency, hard work and persistence, as well as some time. These are the values we work by no matter what. Join us and let’s build your Rome together.

Sounds interesting? It might just be something we can help you with!

We optimize conversions and reduce bounce rate

You visitors will be more satisfied and more willing to buy

Save resources because we already know what to do

We save your time and work to deliver top notch quality

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